Quite a number of hypnosis and hypnotherapy sites on the internet offer and promote a hypnotherapy success guarantee. None
more so than those site promoting the success rates of quitting smoking.  It would be silly, counterproductive and could be considered an oversight for me to not jump onto this 'guarantee bandwagon'.  So.....

I give an ironclad, 100%, totally and undisputed commitment here and now - I GUARANTEE without exception and in absolutely every case - I will never, ever, ever give a GUARANTEE!!!  Whether it be for quitting smoking, losing weight or any other treatment through hypnotherapy!

By way of explanation and using quitting smoking as an example, the reason I will not offer, mislead or promote a guarantee is that, at one time in every smoker's life, they were an absolute non-smoker; they had never placed a cigarette in their mouth.  Then, whenever it was, they made a conscious decision to turn themselves into a smoker....and they did! I have an absolute belief that at the end of the session with me, they will be a quit smoker, however short of locking the person away in a dungeon for the remainder of their life, I cannot ever prevent them from making a conscious decision to turn themselves back into a smoker. However, by the time a person seeks treatment with me, they have made the decision to be smoke-free, they know the health impacts of smoking, they know the financial cost of cigarettes, they know the anti-social impacts of being a smoker. In short, they know all of the negatives attached to cigarettes and this bolsters their commitment and ability to remain smoke-free for the rest of their life. In short, they have success and maintain that success...forever.

I would worry that, by guaranteeing that a person could come back and see me in three, six or twelve months, they would always feel that they have a 'fall-back' position and that it wouldn't really matter if they started smoking again due to peer pressure, advertising or whatever.  Ultimately, the responsibility always rests with the subject.

The other aspect of guarantees that troubles me is that, if I purchase an item that is attached with a guarantee and the item is unsuitable, unserviceable etc. I have an expectation of getting my money back. I've spoken to a number of hypnosis therapy providers who state that they never give a client money back, they offer another session instead. I wonder, if they weren't good enough to achieve success after the first session, why they think that doing more of the same will work?  For the most part, I have been unable to secure an acceptable answer to this question...

So, if you have read through all of this, you will know that the only guarantee I provide is a guarantee to never offer a guarantee. Hopefully you will also understand my reasoning and rationale for this position.  I have no interest in using catchphrases, buzzwords or advertising hype to attract clients. Instead, I prefer to provide professional, appropriate, personalised hypnotherapy services to address the issue and help the person fix it, permanently and in the most expeditious manner!

Thank you.


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